Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward but Awesome Thursday

Hello over there, just came on by to say that it is Thursday which means...Sydney's Awk but Awe post!

She is so adorable, so here is my list of Awks and Awesome

  •  Math teacher saying that the problems are going to get "nastier and nastier as we go" sorry I'm in college my mind tends to think of other {things}
  • Really bad breath, it is getting annoying {I need to fix it}
  • Slush and snow everywhere {not to pretty}
  • Thinking things are not funny when others do but just joining in feel bad
  • Being cold...grrr
  • Stomach rumbles while in class
  • Getting in an argument about the way farmers treat pigs and chickens! {Don't get me started about the dolphins}
  • CRU tonight, Pulse will be here, so excited
  • Tomorrow I shall start my new Friday shift, yay officially 10 hours of work a week {hold your horses ladies and gents}
  • Tomorrow night is Fierce Beauty {a non-profit org about human trafficking,Click here for more info
  • Date this weekend {even if it really isn't labeled as one, a girl can dream} but pizza is involved so hey win, win!
  • Getting a little note from a {boy}
  • Maybe going bowling, who knows but I do want to work on my 200 strike!
Enjoy the lovely...snow and guess what 8 days till Florida, so excited!!!

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  1. i just're going to come back from Florida all tan and bronze, while I'll come back from Missouri with strong arms and pale skin, haha