Monday, March 26, 2012

it's a henna of a day

hey there, check out some sweet glimpses of my henna {I'm newly obsessed}

dream photo shoot

i really enjoyed my toms that day

This week is a new week, fresh start and ready for action {plus I have Heid's mint sorbet nail polish on so you know what that means}

I believe I am starting to get out of my resting rut of a time and starting to get some more life into me...

At church yesterday it was so amazing, listening to a family who are missionaries in Mongolia he was full of wisdom and truth. He talked alot about our EGO (Edging God Out) and how it is not our ministry this is God's ministry. We are always so consumed with what we do and how we do it we forget what we are even doing and who we are doing it for. I have been so caught up in the world of doing, planning and tasks and not focusing on the main reason to why I am even doing it. I have been putting myself above God and struggling with pride. I am noticing that as a Christian we need to react and change that way about us.

Also, we had Christine and Michael from Seduced come last week, now I am going to Kenya {no big deal}

Pray that God will be using me there, and that my talents will be put to good use

Enjoy this rainy day, stay dry

here is a new song addiction

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  1. Yay for sorbet! Not weird ol' sherbert.
    So happy the rut is almost gone, can we keep praying together though?? I really like it :)