Monday, February 27, 2012

Just a little Fashion Show

So this weekend went to the Women's Expo in the cities. My mom who owns two boutiques had a booth of all of her clothes and accessories. It was great seeing all the different vendors and meeting a bunch of people. They also had a fashion show featuring local boutiques and businesses {my mom being one of them} It was such a great opportunity for her to promote the store. Here are a few pictures of the fashion show below...{none of which are of my mom's clothes but of others}

Plans are stressful can I just say that...why can't I just have a map of my life and bam, that's it done follow the yellow brick road right?
No, God is funny that way!
Patiently waiting on my Lord for guidance of my life, future and boy...
I still am in the situation where I am not sure if me and him should be together, he has a lot of future planning to do and I am fully supportive but man is it a challenge ha!

Praying hard, staying focused and relying solely on Him!

Enjoy your week and happy Monday {chin up}

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