Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sun on my shoulders

So this is my second blog but first post on this blog! Very exciting, my problem about having a blog is that I will never keep up with it. I seem to just love to design it then it disappears slowly... Any who, today is Wednesday, only half way to the weekend {we can do it ladies}

Does anyone else have the problem of sitting in class staring blankly into the computer? Well I seem to have that all the time, but it is more about online shopping. I haven't come up with why I am having this blog but one reason is to show what I think is some hot items every shopaholic needs in their closets.

It may change from clothing, furniture, accessories to a new hairstyle. It all depends upon my mood {which constantly changes} sorry if that bothers you. I am also a huge fan of websites that have to deal with fashion, shopping or anything design related.

Today's topic- POLYVORE if you haven't heard of it or seen it you better get your bottom on that! It is the coolest website out their all on fashion trends and styles. If you visit the link below you can visit mine. You can create collages with pictures, clothing, anything you think of. It is great for putting forth your inner -inspirational -magazine -editor -self. {If that makes sense} Visit, Google it and fall in love my ladies.
Vivere Nel Momento

Hope you enjoy following ask a question whenever and I shall surely respond. Have a giddy Wednesday all you blog floaters out their.

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  1. Cor you're so cute :) Every time I look at your blog it's different, haha. I love you!