Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Friday

Hello, Hola
 How is everyone doing today? I'm just lovely thank you so much for asking!
So on my new favorite site, Pinterest I found the most adorable things..take a look!
{hint: my soon to be home}

{love her outfit}

As you know I had a major freak out well...I must say I truly love photography and I believe God is leading me into that direction. This sounds crazy but I wonder if God gave me a crazy week, meltdowns, midlife crisis, to lead me into the path I was going on all along. Maybe it is a reassurance of what i am supposed to do. I am trusting Him, giving up control. Secretly I want to travel and take pictures for travel magazines, homes, and children from different cultures. I know I am not even in photo classes but rest assure next semester I am signing up :)

xoxo love, cor

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