Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Gonna Take Time...

Hello, blog people I know I am the worst person out there and never updated my blog. Hope you can find it in your {hearts} to forgive me. So I got back to Minnesota on the 7th, today is the 10th and I'm going a little crazy. Summer project will always be in my heart and I love all of the people there. I have learned so much to last me a life time and now I am ready to get back to campus and spread the word just like Jesus told us to in Matthew 28:19. So you know how I {love} my photography? well a few of my friends had amazing cameras that I got to borrow, here are a few photos I took of my good friends.






The last couple are getting married in October and it was my first "engagement" photos.

I am working on getting used to being at home with my family but I just love to be independent and on my own. I am newly single, living strong for the Lord and right now he is my boyfriend!

A lot happened this summer, God used me to reach the people of North Myrtle Beach and these memories will be with me forever. Thank you to everyone who supported me and encouraged me.

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer for it will go by quick. xoxo


  1. Enjoyed reading this very much! Nice photos and can't wait to see you this year <3

  2. hiii corinne, i'm so glad you finally updated your blog! :)
    i love your pictures and i love you and i almost cried looking at this. this summer was sooo amazing, and i can't believe it's over. when i look back on it, it just seems like a big blur!
    mmm ok bye.