Friday, August 12, 2011

P.Bella {Open for Business}

Hello all, I have new pictures of my headbands. If you are interested in buying them they are selling from $5-$10. You can have them be in any color, combo of 1-4 flowers, buttons, headbands {anything you want, you create it}

Holli: $5-$7 {1 flower $5,2 flower $7 on each ind clip} these are on simple clips {black,silver} 

Lacy: $12 stretch lace {pastel pink, white/cream,tan}

Daisy: $10 stretch {black,tan,white,grey} elastic bands {flowers 1-3 per headband} {all different colors,patterns. you choose} {straight,clump/grouped}

{all headbands made specifically for you, adult, child, doll..}

Let me know what you think,want,love..

Thanks for all who support

xoxo The one and only P.Bella

1 comment:

  1. Super cute ! I love the ones with lace ;)