Thursday, March 7, 2013

when life gives you lemons

what if i cant seem to find any lemons?

why does money seem to always stand in the way of dreams, lives, hopes?

today i got to witness what high, middle and low class income really gets you through a banquet called OXFAM.

visit there website for information on what they do and how you can help!

but listening to those facts and how us as Americans are the richest just shocks me. how can we have soooo much and still not be satisfied?

how can these poor people praise God while they are the poorest? we complain about everything and they have nothing and they are so happy and blessed for the things they "have"

please take this time to pray with me,

dear jesus, please protect those in need Lord i pray for the ones who are sick, hungry and homeless. lord how do we have so much and they have so little? lord open our hearts and eyes to them, show us ways to help them...lord thank you for the blessings and the health we do have! you are a provider and you are mighty lord please be with those in need and who are spiritually poor.

in your wonderful name, amen... 

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