Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Merchant of Souls

Hey there, didn't see you sneak up like that {haha, I try to be funny}

So today I was on facebook and stumbled upon this website called Nefarious, it is a documentary on sex trafficking and modern day slaves. This documentary is all about different countries and the women in trafficking. They are partnered with Exodus Cry, the founder is the director of this documentary called Nefarious. Through rescues, rehabilitation and reintegration into society they are committed to abolishing this slavery. They provide safe housing, intervention and advocacy. Through prayer as the main focus we can help make a difference and see this suffering end. By making this aware we can make a difference, even if we are ONE college student. Below are a few links.

I still to this day regret not changing my major, I know it's dumb to say but to be involved it would be awesome to come with the right knowledge and background information. But all i can do is be more aware and read up ay?

Also this is my "vision" going to Nepal for a summer through Tiny Hands International, check it out

Who knows where I will be....I know who...God, trusting Him in all that I do!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine, be grateful for what you have

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